Artist Statement    

Living on land in Texas and Louisiana that has raised cattle for generations has had a profound effect on my art and created in me sensitivity to the delicate balance that exists between man and nature.  Songbirds, Egrets, Herons and Blue-wing Teal grace our trees while cattle and wildlife roam the fields providing a natural harmony of beauty and movement bringing pleasure and inspiration to my art.

My landscapes interpret the forms and forces of the natural world like the fluid shapes of a plowed field, grasses bent by the wind, and views of nature in all her glory.  A fan of the poetry of Wordsworth, like him, I present the ordinary in an unusual way.  It is this unexplained element that sets my work apart from the typical landscape. 

My studio is located in a converted hay barn where a panoramic view of the countryside allows me to experience the many facets of nature and its inhabitants.  To preserve the land for future generations, we work with agencies planting grasses to support restoration of the natural prairie and building wildlife ponds to stock native fish. 

Welcome to my Gulf Coast corner, 

Susanne Vincent